Sunday, March 18, 2012

Return of this blog

After a long time away from this blog, and a few abortive attempts to make sense of what I plan on doing with it, I've decided it's time to push it out into the light, so to speak.  This is still a very new thing for me but I'm trying to learn what I can and make this something of an enriching experience for any visitors.

For those dropping by, I have two goals here.  As an author, there is the obvious goal to share my written works with an audience.  My primary means for that is my website,, but as that focuses strictly on my writing life, I thought I could entertain some discussion not related to my writing right here on this blog.  I have some fairly diverse interests, which is to say I believe there's a wide range of things to discuss on this little blue planet we all share.

That said, I will fire up the first discussion in April.

For now, there are some great blog reviews of my first book, Remnant, which I'd like to share:

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