Finalist, Sci-fi, 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards
Bronze Medalist, Sci-fi, 2012 Readers Favorite Book of the Year Awards
Award Winner-Finalist, Sci-fi, 2012 USA Best Book Awards

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Remnant is a stirring, thought provoking anthology of three novellas within the speculative/science fiction genres. The stories are linked in theme by characters seeking self- truth, redemption, and their moral center.   The novellas, in order of appearance, are: All the Fallen Angels”, in which a convicted war criminal attempts to make peace with his past; “Enemy, I Know You Not”, in which a military officer that was captured and tortured tries to find his loyalty in an abyss of suspected betrayals; and “Remnant”, in which the survivor of a global pandemic is confronted with the prospect of making peace with his memories when other survivors attempt to bring him back from self-imposed isolation.

Read an excerpt of 'Remnant' here (requires Adobe Reader).

“Each of the three novellas is a beautifully crafted gem of a story.”
Douglas R. Cobb,

“Allnach’s writing style can be described as smart, elegant, and addicting.”
San Francisco Book Review

“An interesting read.  “Remnant”, especially, is one story that all individuals should read and strive to understand.”
Amy Lignor, Feathered Quill

“Remnant: an anthology’ will appeal to those who enjoy science fiction novels, particularly military science fiction.  Allnach’s intelligent writing style is quite appealing and I expect we will see more from him in the future.”
Kam Aures, Rebecca’s Reads

“(“Remnant”) is a book well both the reading and the thinking that comes with the reading.  If you’re interested in a somewhat different tale of what’s ahead, this is a ‘Must Read’.”
Donn Gurney,

“Roland Allnach is destined to become recognized for his contributions in whatever genre of writing he may choose.”
Richard R. Blake, Reader Views

“With “Remnant”, Roland Allnach presents three novellas that promise to haunt the reader long after the cover has been closed.  A nearly perfect gem of sci-fi.”
Peter Dabbene, ForeWord Clarion

“With plenty to ponder and plenty to keep readers reading, “Remnant” is a fine assortment of thought, highly recommended.”
Willis M. Buhle, Midwest Book Review, Reviewer’s Bookwatch

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