In today's world, some things are necessary, and this page is going to fall under that category.  So as boring as this 'stuff' might be, here it is.

I built this blog and hope to grow it as a means to (1) help promote and share my written works with a reading audience and (2) foster some dialogue on various topics of interest to add some flavor to the blog.

Comment Policy

As such, I understand and respect that everyone is entitled to an opinion.  However, I would like to state that my interpretation of an 'opinion' is an idea that has some backing in reason, which transcends to critique.  To me, "I hate it" is not an opinion, because it has nothing within it to foster an evaluating opinion.  So if someone says, "I hate this, because...", I would consider that a fair comment.  Likewise, as nice as it is to hear "I love it", a critique of "I love it, because..." fosters further discussion.

That said, here are some ground rules:
  • NO hateful, foul, attack, and/or inappropriate language in comments.
  • NO spam in comments.
  • NO excessive link posting in comments.

As the author of this blog, I reserve the right to edit or delete comments I deem in violation of these rules.  I intend this blog for a general audience, so that should serve as a general guideline.

Privacy Policy

At present I have no paid ads running on this blog, and I would prefer to maintain that status.  If that should change I will note it here.  In the meantime I am not collecting nor disseminating any information regarding participants on this blog.  If anyone wishes to contact me or exchange an email address, you can do so through my website's email, fiction@rolandallnach.com

Terms and Conditions

In a nutshell:
  • I am not responsible for content in links outside of this blog.  If I come across a link to something I deem inappropriate, it will be deleted.
  • Content is for a general audience.
  • I am not responsible for blog downtime due to hosting service interruptions.
  • Copyrights: As an author, I have posted links to my website for access to my published short fiction and excerpts to my books.  These fall under basic copyright fair usage, in that you as the reader may share the link but you are NOT entitled to modify, extract without proper creditation any content, or disseminate said material for personal profit.
This policy page effective as of March 18, 2012.