Monday, September 26, 2016

Oddities & Entities 2: Vessels - Available now!

I'm very happy to announce my latest book publication: 'Oddities & Entities 2: Vessels'.

For this, my sixth book, I returned to the anthology format to weave a brand new set of stories into a fourth collection. Though it follows the original 'Oddities & Entities' in mood, 'Vessels' follows its characters into even stranger places, and treads more into surrealism and horror than its predecessor - making it a great fit for this upcoming Halloween! 

From the back cover:

"Sometimes you need to be broken to be made whole."

With 'Oddities & Entities 2: Vessels,' multi-award winning author Roland Allnach returns to the strange and surreal path forged by his critically acclaimed 'Oddities & Entities.' Consisting of nine new tales spiced with elements of horror and speculative fiction, Vessels explores the communion of spirit, substance, and the eccentricities of flesh between those conjoined realms.

'Vessels' is available now at Amazon in print, with Kindle to follow soon.

To get a deeper look into 'Vessels', visit the dedicated page at my website,

Happy reading...and enjoy your nightmares...