Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Us Girls & A Book: The Digital Now by Roland Allnach WITH Review

Us Girls & A Book: The Digital Now by Roland Allnach WITH Review: Science Fiction

Week 2 of the digital tour starts off with this review from 'Us Girls & A Book':

"This story takes place in the future.  It is not all that unbelievable that this situation could exist.  Earth has been destroyed by taking and not replacing natural resources.  The humans remaining on earth have been implanted with chips at a young age. At that time, they are harvested of any reproductive abilities. These "parts" are then used to create new humans with the proper abilities to survive.  The babies are then placed with the appropriate parents to grow up.  At each stage of development - children, teens, adults - they are trained and their minds wiped clean of any memories of a personal nature.

But what happens when something causes someone to start remembering their past?  Can they evade the authorities and avoid a mind sweep?

"I took away a half of a star because the beginning of the book left more questions than answers.  Yes, later in the book you get an explanation but it takes away the beginning of the story if you don't know what things are or what is meant.  This can deter many readers because of the confusion.  The story seems slow to start.  I did read the entire story because I have a hard time giving up on a book.  It did take me longer than usual to read because the story didn't really "grip" me.  I know some people will really like this book.

"If you like stories of the future after the destruction of earth you will like this one. If you like books of programming and controlling the population by a select few, this will be right up your alley."

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