Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Digital Now debuts to rave reviews!

The Digital Now debuts to rave reviews!

I'm very happy to share the news that my novel, The Digital Now, has opened to some great reviews, receiving five-star status from both Pacific Book Review and Readers' Favorite.

"I found The Digital Now to be completely enthralling, terrifying and unique."  Pacific Book Review

Read the full review at Pacific Book Review....
And, to delve a little deeper, read an interview I did with Pacific Book Review.

"The Digital Now is a well written story about violence and the lust for incredible journey into the dark, dangerous world that Allnach created." Janelle Fila, Readers' Favorite

"The Digital Now by Roland Allnach is a futuristic novel about a dystopian fits the genre perfectly and is a wild and entertaining ride." Ryan Jordan, Readers' Favorite

"The Digital Now is an intriguing read with an imaginative premise and plot." Lit Amri, Readers' Favorite

Read the full reviews at:  Readers' Favorite

Following in the first two weeks of February....I will be on virtual book tour. Stay tuned!

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