Monday, October 20, 2014

Virtual Book Tour for 'Prism'

Short Fiction, Tragedy, Epic poetry - find it all with the virtual book tour for 'Prism'

It's October, the temperature is dropping, the leaves transform to all their hidden colors, and the days are getting shorter...sounds like a good time for a virtual book tour for my latest book, 'Prism'.  Follow the links below for tour sites.

"Prism presents the best of Roland Allnach’s newest stories together with his most acclaimed published short fiction. These selected stories fracture the reader’s perceptions among a dazzling array of genres and styles to illuminate the mysterious aspects of the human experience. Roland Allnach has been described as a ‘star on the rise’ (ForeWord Clarion), ‘a master storyteller with a powerful pen’ (Cynthia Brian, NY Times Bestselling author), with writing that is ‘smart, elegant, and addicting’ (San Francisco Review).
"Prism collects seventeen stories into one volume, following a trail of diverse genres and narrative forms. From literary fiction to speculative fiction, from humor to horror, from tragedy to mythical poetry, Prism represents a wide ranging journey united by contemplations on the human condition. Including Allnach’s award winning published fiction (“Conquest’s End” and “The City of Never”), a Pushcart Prize nominated story (“Creep”), Prism also consists of the previously unpublished pieces “Titalis” (a tragedy along the lines of Shakespeare and Greek theatre), “Of Typhon and Aerina” (a tribute to epic verse), “Tumbleweed” (a humorous ditty), and “Dissociated”, a surreal short to cap off the collection."
Praise for Prism
5 Stars – “Roland Allnach delivers a wonderful collection of stories in ‘Prism’…I would recommend this book to all.  It brings an air of mystery along with witty and wonderfully delivered tales.”  Lisa Jones, Readers’ Favorite
5 Stars – “Roland Allnach has a great talent for creating worlds, building an atmosphere and painting for the reader a believable setting for each story.  His power of description is considerable.  The whole collection of stories is interesting and intriguing and sometimes even moving.”  Ioana Marza, Readers’ Favorite
On and on this collection goes, with tales for literally everyone’s tastes. Each genre is spoken for – from the Technicolor world of sci-fi to humor to horror to fantasy, and beyond. Allnach has a voice that speaks so loud readers lose themselves in the stories, making this a whole lot of fun…A dazzling collection.” – Amy Lignor, Feathered Quill Reviews
Tour stop dates:
Monday, October 20th: The Reader’s Hollow .... Review: 4/5 stars
Tuesday, October 21st: Becca Rowan .... "the collection demonstrates a deep breadth of imagination and perception"
Thursday, October 23rd: Spiced Latte Reads .... "From horror to humor, ('Prism') keeps you entertained through the whole book."
Monday, October 27th: BoundbyWords .... "There is something so disturbingly refreshing about Allnach's writing, something so unabashedly addicting."
Tuesday, October 28th: Necromancy Never Pays .... "Each story is a bit unsettling - always for the reader, sometimes for the teller, and often for the characters who are being examined closely from one side of the lens or the other."
Wednesday, October 29th: Rooftop Reading .... "I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of short stories or likes any of the multiple genres in this book."
Thursday, October 30th: A Bookish Way of Life .... "(Allnach) is keen on showcasing the dark side of human nature through his writing...I would definitely read more of Allnach's works."
Wednesday, November 5th: Dwell in Possibility .... "Reading 'Prism' just have to let go and allow Allnach to carry you along.  He's in control, and he's a master of jarring perception without pushing readers too far.  In short, this book is a blast."
Monday, November 10th: No More Grumpy Bookseller .... "'Prism' is a nice showcase of Allnach's abilities."
Tuesday, November 11th: Book Binder’s Daughter .... "'Prism' is a delightful selection of stories and there is a story that every reader will find that he or she likes and can connect with."
Wednesday, November 12th: The Discerning Readers .... "A fantastic collection...very original in presentation.  A wonderful variety providing endless entertainment."

Thursday, November 13th: Rockin’ Book Reviews .... "The author's writing style was notable and the book was cleanly written."
Thursday, November 20th: Kahakai Kitchen .... "'Prism' is...a diversity of stories, dipping into horror, tragedy, dark humor, science fiction, mythology, and even poetry, and it is impressive to see an author so talented in the different genres."
Thursday, November 20th: she treads softly .... "'Prism' by Roland Allnach is a highly recommended collection of 17 short stories that display the author's incredible talent and ability to write in a wide variety of styles."

Monday, December 22: Ageless Pages Reviews .... "('Prism') remains a starkly unique reading experience...I liked that the author isn't afraid to explore negative emotions and perspectives in unexpected ways."

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